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Telecoms services

Our telecoms services fall in to three main categories: Incoming, outgoing, and text. We also sell VoIP telephones to use with the incoming and outgoing services.


As a UK telephone service provider we have OFCOM allocated telephone number blocks in all UK land-line area codes. We are able to assign a telephone number (or blocks of numbers) to you for any area code in the UK as well as new UK-Wide 03 numbers (charged at the same rate as calling 01 or 02 numbers). A number costs £1.20 and is then as little as £1.20 pcm. Once you have a number people can call it. We will then send the call to you via Voice over IP (VoIP) to a phone or phone system; or we can send to another phone number or numbers; or we can record a voicemail and email you. You can change what we do with calls whenever you like on our control pages. We can even ring several phones at once, and change call routing at different times. You can cancel a number whenever you like paying only for the invoices already issued (and any further call charges).


Once you have a number from us you can make calls from that number using Voice over IP (VoIP). Using a VoIP telephone or your computer or a phone system you can send calls through us to UK and international numbers. We also have presentation number services (setup £10.00) where you can appear to be calling from one of your (pre-approved) other numbers (e.g. your BT landline) if you wish. We can set up a secondary presentation number as well which is allowed from your equipment - this is useful for sending texts apparently from your normal mobile number, for example.


We have incoming and outgoing text services. Once you have a number from us you can send a text from that number, charged at 7.20p. You can get a confirmation that the text has arrived. This is possible via our send a text web page or from your computer systems. For some of our numbers you can also receive texts to the number. Where texts can be received, the texts can simply be emailed to you, or sent to your computer systems or forwarded to our mobile services voice SIM (for a fee). If you have presentation numbers set up (as per outgoing calls) either of these can also be used as the sending number for your texts.

Please note that inbound texts are only possible to a small set of number ranges, and most of our numbers can only receive texts from other A&A users and not generally from other telcos. We are, of course, happy to negotiate interconnects for texts with any telco that asks.

Mobile Data SIM

We can provide SIM cards that allow fixed legacy IP or L2TP relayed to your own network. Ideal for iPads, corporate connections, smart meters, etc. Simple per usage charging and low monthly with no minimum term. more


We have millions of numbers covering all UK area codes - the ordering system allows you to select one number, an adjacent pair of numbers, or blocks of 10 or more numbers. You can even select similar numbers in more than one area code at once. With blocks of numbers you can reserve numbers at a low price until you are ready to use them. more