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Call Cost Check
Tin/Bronze£1.20 pcmNormal number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £0.12
Silver£2.40 pcmSilver (nice) number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £1.20
Gold£6.00 pcmGold (very nice) number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £12.00
Platinum£12.00 pcmPlatinum (very very nice) number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £120.00
Taxi£24.00 pcmTaxi number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £1200.00
Reserved£0.12 pcmReserved number ongoing charge.
Set up cost £0.01
Voice SIM£2.40 pcmVoice SIM card allowing mobile voice, text and data services to used.
Cost of SIM £6.00
Data SIM£2.40 pcmData SIM card allowing mobile data services to used. This only allows data and does not allow calls.
Cost of SIM £12.00
Inbound Porting£15.00Normal porting charge - per number request from another telco to us. Blocks of 5 or more are charged at the cost of porting 5 numbers. Mobile inbound porting is £3.60. Porting a BT number on a PSTN line and renumbering to allow broadband to continue is £42.00. Do contact us for more information
Order a VoIP telephone number.

You can also reserve multiples of blocks of 10 numbers or more. You can activate these, one number at a time, as and when you wish. This allows you to get a block of numbers for an office, and activate them as needed. (Note: Only normal tin/bronze numbers can be reserved - silver, gold, ported or other numbers are activated and charged their normal price, even if part of a block of numbers you are ordering)

Our telephone and text services are very cheap, and if you are spending less than £20/month with us we will expect you to pay by Direct Debit. This is also the most sensible method for paying a call bill which can vary from month to month.