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Mobile Data SIMs

Our mobile Data SIM services provide a proper connection to the legacy Internet, with a fixed IPv4 address, on your mobile device, whether it is a phone or an iPad or anything in between.

  • Sensible pricing with no minimum term. Pay for what you use.
  • Real fixed IP addressing
  • No filtering
  • No NAT
  • L2TP relay to corporate network
  • Blocks of IP addresses
  • 3G or 4G LTE where available


The Data SIM has a one-off cost of £10.00+VAT and an ongoing cost of £2.00+VAT pcm. Charges for data usage are on our main call prices page and are typically 2p/MB+VAT (UK). There is no minimum term. You can purchase the Data SIM unactivated and only start paying when you activate the Data SIM on-line (takes up to half an hour).

No more top-ups that run out at inconvenient moments, or paying for usage every month when you only use data some of the time. The service normally has no caps on usage. You just pay for what you use.

Important, as this has no usage caps this can mean you run up a large bill if you use a lot of data.

If you suspend a SIM part way through a month there is no refund of the ongoing charge for the period already billed in advance.

Real fixed legacy IP

Normally a Data SIM is allocated a single fixed legacy IP address. This is used when you connect and you do not need to set any username, password or APN to use the Data SIM in the UK. Simply insert in to your equipment.

The service has no filtering. The combination of fixed real legacy IP address and unfiltered connection gives you a real connection to the Internet. No longer will you have trouble accessing a site that your mobile provider has mistakenly decided has adult content. No longer will you have problems sending an email via your corporate mail server because port 25 is blocked. This is a real Internet connection on your mobile device. You can even control the reverse DNS for your IP on our control pages. There is no NAT involved, you can ping your iPad!

Broadband backup

You can specify a username and password for a DSL line and receive routing for the IP addresses for that line - this allows the Data SIM to be used in a mobile router to provide a backup for DSL lines with full legacy IP routing including blocks of IPs, and full 1500 byte MTU support.


IPv6 is not yet available directly, but can be routed via IPv4 (protocol 41) tunnels if required. We hope to have native IPv6 soon and so provide a full Internet access service on mobile data.

Technical details

Data SIMs are provided on a full size SIM card with push out mini-SIM, and within that a push out micro-SIM. We also print the nano-SIM outline. Cutting the Data SIM down is easy but at your own risk (to SIM and mobile device), so we suggest doing so before you activate the Data SIM. Nano SIM cutters are available in the Internet but otherwise small straight bladed nail scissors work well.

The APN need not be set in the UK, if required then set to m2m.aql.net. Username and password are not normally needed unless using as ADSL backup or with corporate L2TP relay (see below).

The legacy IP is allocated automatically. The remote legacy IP (i.e. our end of PPP link) is usually not meaningful and may show as We can route blocks of legacy IPs as well. Full 1500 byte MTU is supported.

The Data SIM only works on the Three UK network. Do check their web site for coverage details.

Closed network mobile data

See also our Knowledge Base article on Mobile data L2TP handover.

We can arrange for any Data SIM to hand over to your own L2TP server (e.g. a FireBrick FB2900). This allows you to fully control authentication and IP addressing.

You need to advise your server's IP address(es) and authentication details, and we will hand off connections to you. Note that a reduced MTU is required unless you have direct baby-jumbo links to us in London (e.g. via datahop).

The APN is not passed through and shows as m2m.aql.net for UK data. (If/when roaming is properly available the calling number will be used to indicate roaming and which country/rate applies.

The ICCID of the Data SIM is used as calling number and it is recommended that you use this as the main means of authentication.

If a username and password are provided by the mobile device, this is passed as proxy authenticated PAP or CHAP (depending on the device). We may also connect with no proxy authentication requiring LCP and authentication negotiation on your part. Your LNS will need to accept proxy and non proxy as well as PAP and CHAP. When username and password are not sent, you will find authentication is provided using a mobile number and the password of password.

Do not use a password of password in the mobile device, as we will not even see the connection come in to us. Yes, this is crazy, live with it.

Do not attempt to re-negotiate authentication if it has been proxied as this will not work.

You can negotiate any legacy IP endpoints, but your IP may appear to the mobile device as depending on the timing. Yes, also crazy.

You can send and receive any legacy IP packets regardless of IP with no anti-spoofing or filtering. This includes routing blocks of legacy IP.

You cannot (yet) negotiate or pass native IPv6 or indeed any other protocols than legacy IPv4.

LCP echo replies are faked by the network, and cannot be used to tell the mobile is out of coverage. A mobile that is turned off or loses coverage may seem to be on-line for some time (even hours).


Roaming is disabled at present.


The Data SIMs do not provide voice calls or texts. We offer a SIP2SIM voice SIM service if you need these.

Ordering SIMs

BrandingOur voice and data SIM cards are ideal for a corporate network or for a wholesale customer to set up their own mobile service.

We can offer branding with professional quality SIM printing and pre-set settings.

UK Three 3G Data SIM

This data SIM provides fixed IPv4 address mobile data with full 1500 byte MTU and no filtering. You can even have it connect to your own office system via L2TP making it ideal for iPads and similar devices.

Order data SIMs

Prices (ex VAT). Buy SIM £10.00.
£2.00 pcm.