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Technical support

no bullsh*tWe pride ourselves in a high level of technical competence within our support team. We have a policy of no bullsh*t and will not fob you off with a convenient but unhelpful answer. Technical expertise is at the core of the company - with the director taking an active part in all aspects of the company's systems and R&D. We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our support and services.

Web chat

You may see a "Chat Box" on the bottom right corner of our web pages during normal hours. This can be used to contact staff via a web chat. Chats are recorded.

Online IRC Client

You can join irc via: webirc.aa.net.uk, choose a Nickname and click start. Once connected you'll be able to chat with other customers as well as staff.
Please note we don't run this channel, and it a public channel. It is mostly A&A customers. Staff are on the channel, but please use private messages or otherwise to communicate to staff any personal information.

Getting our attention

Staff do take part in the irc channel, but it can be quite lively from time to time. If you want to get the attention of a member of staff then use the word staff which the staff stalk. Staff generally have names starting AA-. It helps to say if you need sales, support or accounts as well.

IRC Etiquette

It is also important to understand how irc works. Whilst irc is an official support channel, during office hours, it is somewhat like shouting across a crowded room, so if you are trying to get someone specific, remember that they may be away from their desk or even off sick or on holiday, so please do ask again and be patient. Other customers can often be helpful though.

Please don't paste multiple lines of logs. If you have a lot to get across it's better to use a pastebin or email in to support.

Contacting support

Telephone033 33 400 99903 numbers cost the same to call as 01 and 02 numbers
SMS01344 400 999Yes, you can send text messages to normal phone numbers. Can be used to report Major service outages.
Emailsupport@aa.net.ukHandled by a ticketing system which should reply immediately. Please ensure the ticket number is quoted in any replies you send.
ircirc://irc.z.je/A&AInteractive text chat - how to use irc.
You can use irc://6.irc.z.je/A&A instead if you have IPv6 connectivity.
usenetuk.net.providers.aaispSupport staff often read the newsgroup if you have a more general query that is not urgent, especially if of interest to other readers of the newsgroup.
Opening hours8am to 6pm Mon-Fri
10am to 2pm Sat
Except English bank and public holidays and some days around Christmas
Out of hours supportInformalStaff are often available on irc during evenings and weekends. Staff are also on-call for any major outages or emergencies affecting all customers.

We also have status pages:

There are also specific support pages for various services

Knowledge Base

  • All the technical information your geek heart could desire.
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