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Engraving services

We have an Epilog CO2 flat bed engraving machine which allows us to offer a range of engraving services.

This page is somewhat under construction at present, so if you are interested in our engraving services, please do email in for more details.

What can we cut

The laser can cut through up to 6mm of acrylic (plastic) or wood. We have various plastics available in different thicknesses that can be cut. Some plastics are specifically intended for signage with two colours for engraving, and would typically be cut around the final engraved sign.

What can we engrave

We can engrave in to plastic and wood. This works well with two colour signage plastics where the engraved area is a different colour. In the case of wood, this works well as a deep cut in to the surface of the wood, and we can even cut different depths if you like.

We can treat artwork as an image and generate a pattern to create grey levels. This allows pictures to be engraved. However, line-art is usually best.

We can engrave on to surfaces such as anodised aluminium as found on iPads, and iPhones. This works best where the anodizing is a colour such as black or space grey as it reveals the white/metalic aluminium beneath. However, the engraving does work quite well subtle way even on plain anodised aluminium creating a white on silver artwork.

We can engrave in to plastic on products such as phones, but this depends on the type of plastic, and we usually ask to do a small sample mark first to confirm it will work. Some plastic bubbles up badly when engraved.

Making designs

We recommend using inkscape to design artwork for printing. It is very flexible. You can include artwork for engraving in black, and include areas to be cut as vector line in solid red.

Supplying artwork

Please send artwork either as svg file format (from inkscape) or as postscript with a bounding box. It is important that any cut lines in postscript are pure red in RGB colour space and vector lines.

If you need an item engraved we strong recommend arranging to visit our offices with the item so we can go through the process with you.

Lead time

Often simple engraving tasks can be turned around same day - however we cannot guarantee this and some times there may be several days delay. Some larger jobs can literally take days to complete as well. If you want to bring something in and see it done, e.g. laptop, please make an appointment in advance.


For most materials we include the material cost, and charge simply on machine time. £1+VAT per job plus £1+VAT per minute. Postage is then added at cost.

We also have some standard prices for engraving an iPad, iPhone, etc. Please ask.


You must indemnify us against any claims relating to any engraving or artwork you ask us to produce, including claims of copyright breach. Please make sure you have the right to use any artwork.

If you ask us to engrave something for you, you are agreeing you have the right to engrave the item (either it belongs to you, or you have permission to have it engraved). You have to indemnify us against any claims for damage.

We cannot guarantee that engraving an item for you will work perfectly - you agree that the total liability for any issues are that we will simply not charge for the engraving, and we are not liable to compensate you for any damage caused. We will, of course, use all reasonably skill and care to avoid damage and ensure the engraving works as you expect.