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News IPv4 runs out - AAISP providing IPv6 as standard

January 31st 2011: AAISP have been providing IPv6 for over 8 years, however it had always been a (free) option that you had to ask for. It needed a bit of technical ability to make use of IPv6. Even so around 10% of customers have asked for IPv6.

With the announcement that the final blocks of IPv4 address space have been allocated it is clear that all ISPs, business and home users alike have to get themselves IPv6 Ready. If they don't then they simply won't be able to access all of the internet.

There really is no reason for any customer not to have IPv6 enabled, so AAISP has decided to make an IPv6 allocation an automatic feature when ordering broadband. If you don't have IPv6 enabled on your network yet, then this won't do any harm - but it means your IPv6 allocation is ready and waiting for when you upgrade. Existing customers just need to as support to turn on IPv6 if they want it.

IPv6 equipment

Even now, for business users, we have the FireBrick FB2900 which makes it quick, simple and safe for business customers to run IPv6 on their network. The FB2700 is a powerful IPv6 capable firewall which can connect to multiple broadband modems at once.

Later in the month we expect to have consumer IPv6 broadband routers available. We are working with three different router manufacturers and testing some of their early IPv6 offerings. If all goes well we will be selling IPv6 routers with the service, and we hope soon to make the free router that we supply with new installations IPv6 Ready. These routers include basic firewalling just as with IPv4 so they make using IPv6 just as simple and safe.

We are pleased to confirm that our network is compatible with this new breed of routers providing automatic configuration of the IPv6 settings. This makes the whole process much simpler for everyone.

The news that IPv4 is finally running out is not the end of the world - it simply marks a key milestone that will finally make people more aware of the issues. IPv6 has been around since 1995 and any modern computers simply work with IPv6 and IPv4. You don't have to switch over or take yourself off the internet to make use of IPv6, in spite of what some bad reporting in the press has said.

A home user with one of these new IPv6 routers will be able to access all of the internet, making use of IPv6 or IPv4 as needed and doing so behind the scenes with no fuss or complication.

Check if you are IPv6 ready at test-ipv6.com

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