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Knowledge base Voicemail setup

The voicemail service we offer is very simple. To use it you need to access the control pages for your number and set up a few things.

EmailYou have to put an email address for where we send the recording of your voicemail. If you do not, then any message used for voicemail will only be an announcement and no recording will be made.
Recording typeSelect WAV, MP3 or OGG format.
The most efficient, but largest file format, is WAV format which includes the raw a-law from the call.
VMSelect a no answer time or for unlimited time (i.e. only on busy or unavailable) or for all calls to go to voicemail regardless.

Once set up, any calls to your number that pass the no answer time will get a message and a recording is made. The recording is emailed to you if an email address is set up.

If you have a sip phone set up for the number you can call 1571 from the phone and change your outgoing message if you like.