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Knowledge base Caller ID

We can set your outgoing Caller ID to a different number if needed. (e.g. your BT landline)
There is a setup fee of £10.00. and the number needs to be pre-approved. We can also set up a secondary presentation number as well which is allowed from your equipment - this is useful for sending texts apparently from your normal mobile number, for example. Please contact sales for more information.

In call cases you must be authorised to use the caller ID.

Withholding your Outgoing Caller ID

You can make a call and withhold your caller ID by prefixing the number you are calling with 141. eg, dial 14101344400000.

Cooper pairs

We provide copper pairs for broadband, but as these do not have a telephony service and so do not have incoming or outgoing calls, they do not offer any caller ID services.