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Knowledge base Using irc

Internet Relay Chat (irc) is a simple on-line live chat system. It allows text messages to be posted and read in channels. There is a chat channel for A&A customers which can be very useful for getting advice and contacting support staff in or out of normal hours.

IRC Server Details

Chat with Staff and Customers now!

You can join irc via: webirc.aa.net.uk, choose a Nickname and click start. Once connected you'll be able to chat with other customers as well as staff.
Please note we don't run this channel, and it a public channel. It is mostly A&A customers. Staff are on the channel, but please use private messages or otherwise to communicate to staff any personal information.

Getting our attention

Staff do take part in the irc channel, but it can be quite lively from time to time. If you want to get the attention of a member of staff then use the word staff which the staff stalk. Staff generally have names starting AA-. It helps to say if you need sales, support or accounts as well.

You can send someone a Private message (PM) by typing: /msg TheirNickname
This will open a'tab' where you can talk directly with that person. If someone sends you a PM, a tab will appear on your side.

IRC Clients

There is a plug-in for Firefox to provide irc, called chatzilla. This is simple to install in Firefox. First ensure you have Firefox installed. Then find the chatzilla plug-in in the mozilla addons page - just search for chatzilla. Don't pick the French language one by mistake (unless you want French!). Just click to install and confirm.

Once you have installed, just type irc://irc.z.je/A&A in to Firefox location bar (where you type a web page). That will open the chatzilla window and join the A&A chat channel. You will want to type /nick followed by a suitable nick name that you want to use. You can use irc://6.irc.z.je/A&A instead if you have IPv6 connectivity.

There are many other irc servers and channels. It is a good idea not to get in to arguments as this is one of the causes of denial of service attacks. Whilst the A&A chat channel is pretty safe, some irc channel have hackers and script kiddies that can easily attack your broadband line if you offend them - so please be nice.