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Broadband accessories: I-Plate

IPLATEThe I-plate is an innovative design that makes it simple to fit a bell wire filter to your extension wiring. You unscew the existing faceplate with wiring attached to the back, slot in the iplate, and screw in back in place. No wiring to change. Simple!


Why would you want one?

In a normal telephone installation a pair of wires goes from the exchange to your master socket. From there people often have extension wiring which is 3 wires to every extension. The extra wire is the bell wire.

Up until the master socket the wires are balanced which, in simple terms, stops them losing as much of the ADSL signal as it goes along the wire and also stops as much interference getting in to the wire. The bell wire in your house makes this un-balanced and allows more interference in to the wiring. The normal filters you use for connecting ADSL and telephone only filter out the telephone as a cause of problems. They do not filter the bell wire which can go for many metres around your house (near electrical wiring and equipment that could cause interference).

The solution is to filter the bell wire at the master socket. A normal face plate splitter will do this, but is not always convenient for people wanting ADSL connected somewhere other than their master socket.

The I-plate is a simple bell wire filter. What is clever is that it can plug in behind the normal faceplace on your master socket. All of the extension wiring including the bell wire is attached to the faceplate. The I-plate allows this wiring to stay attached by way of a notch in that allows the wiring to pass through. This makes it simple to fit with just a small screwdriver.

How does it help?

By reducing interference this can reduce faults on your broadband service, and can also mean faster speed on your broadband service in many cases.

Who does not need one

There are many cases where this will not help:-

  • If you do not have a master socket
  • If your master socket is not one with a removable faceplate
  • If you already have a face-plate splitter (bigger faceplate with ADSL and phone socket on it)
  • If your master socket has openreach rather than BT on it - then you already have a bell wire filter
  • If you have no extension wiring
  • If you already have a perfect working broadband line with no faults or problems and syncing at maximum speed

Simple test?

If you want to know if the I-Plate will help - simply remove the faceplate (so disconnecting all extension wiring) and connect your broadband router (using the normal splitter) to the test socket behind the faceplate. If this makes your line better then an I-plate will probably help you.