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Hosting prices

We offer server hosting in our racks in Maidenhead. The price depends on the size of your server, how many ethernet ports you would like connected to our network (for internet access), how many power connections you would like (e.g. some servers are dual power feed), how much power your server uses (peak), and how much data you transfer. Power usage is becoming a key factor in server hosting.

Hosting prices (Exclusive of VAT)

Per server£75.00£5.00 pcmBase cost per server to which the following are added.
Per U height+£50.00+£27.50 pcmEach U (1¾" or 44.45mm) height used by your server.
Per Ethernet port+£25.00+£1.00 pcmEach ethernet port connected to the internet. Normal copper RJ45 at 10M, 100M or 1Gb.
Per Power port+£50.00+£5.00 pcmEach IEC320 (BS30320) 10A 250V power connection.
Per Amp+£55.00 pcmEach Amp used. Fixed price each month set as peak usage during the installation. We can revise this if we find a server is using more.
Per GB/month+£0.25/GB pcmTotal data transferred per month, in+out, at the ethernet ports. This is set by you as a committed usage level to be charged every month even if less is used.
Per GB over+£0.50/GBCharge for data transfer above your committed usage level.


As an example of a typical 1U supermicro server using 1.0A peak, and committng to 20GB usage. Let's assume single ethernet port and dual power supply.

Installation is £75.00, plus 1U height £50.00, plus 1 ethernet port £25.00, plus 2 power ports £100.00, making a total of £250.00+VAT

Monthly charges are £5.00, plus 1U height £27.50, plus 1 ethernet port £1.00, plus 2 power ports £10.00, plus 1.0A power £55.00, plus 20GB committed usage £5.00, making a total of £103.50+VAT

Special cases

There are some special cases such as hosting your own links to other racks, fibre converters, small FireBricks, etc. Please discuss with sales. For example the ongoing cost for a FireBrick works out to be £15.10+VAT plus bandwidth a month.

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