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Three different ways to buy broadband Internet services from A&A:


The Home::1 tariff is specifically aimed at home users. It starts with ADSL and 200GB/month download for £35 (inc optional £10 for copper pair) but has simple add-ons for higher usage levels and faster speeds, like FTTC for just £10 more..

Home::1 ideal for any family, whether you are in to games or just FaceBook and iPlayer. Like all of our services Home::1 includes IPv6 and uncensored Internet as standard.



The SoHo::1 tariff is aimed at small business users. It starts with ADSL and 200GB/month download for £35+VAT (inc optional £10+VAT for copper pair) but has simple add-ons for higher usage levels and faster speeds, like FTTC for just £10+VAT more..

SoHo::1 is ideal for any small business. The SoHo::1 package includes an option to use our VIP line monitoring, alerting staff if you line goes down, and additional legacy IPv4 addresses if needed.



Our business package - all you need to get connected.

Office::1 includes two separate broadband services (with any phone lines), modems, and a bonding firewall/router as part of the package. It even has options for 3G fallback. Getting your office connected reliably could not be simpler.

Office::1 is a complete package to give you peace of mind for your business communications.


We'll fix your line even if you are with another ISP!

If you are migrating your service to us, even though you know you have a problem with your line, we'll take on the fault. We'll tackle the problem and get it fixed within one month. If we don't then you can migrate away and owe us nothing for your migration to us and your service charges for that month. Details.

AAISP unfiltered

We do not have, in our network, any equipment installed to filter access to any part of the public Internet for our customers as a whole. We aim to give 12 months notice if we ever add any such filtering. Details

As fast as we can

Broadband and fibre internet access is available using a number of different technologies depending on where you are and your budget. In most of the country we can offer services using VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet). In other areas we can offer services using slower ADSL technology. The speed your can achieve will depend on the technology and line length and quality and can vary over time. Use the availability checker or quote/order form to obtain a speed estimate and check your options. We are committed to offering quality and speed of service more.

Best WiFi signal

Some providers advertise that nobody offers a more reliable WiFi signal. This is not entirely accurate. The WiFi signal depends on the equipment you use for WiFi in your home/office and is nothing to do with the broadband service. We, like other companies, will supply a broadband router that also acts as a WiFi access point, and that one access point is no better or worse than any other to the same standard. But we can also supply more reliable wifi using multiple access points that hand over as you move around your house ensuring the best signal for every device. These are not cheap for a home user, but they can be installed once and used with any ISP. We are happy to sell access points with or without our broadband service. It is always better to use an Ethernet cable if you can.

Quality service for business and for fun

The quality of our service is paramount and we work to ensure that our links to back-haul carriers are not congested and can run with low latency. This is important for business customers, but home users appreciate it too, especially low latency for game players. If you like to play, some of our customers and staff are on Thunderhorn in WoW and we have an Alliance and Horde guild.

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