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Broadband We'll fix your line

Like most broadband lines we make use of links from BT and other back-haul carriers to connect your broadband line to our network. Even with non BT back-haul it is usually BT wires in the ground. This is a sensible way of providing a broadband service to the whole country, but does mean we have to deal with BT - particularly if and when things break.

We pride ourselves in having a very capable team of people that deal with faults. We have a close working relationship with BT, and our team are well known within all parts of BT for not tolerating being fobbed off. We are also well known for testing how well wet string works for ADSL!

We have detailed monitoring of lines that allow us to quickly identify faults and take action to resolve them (whether BT, customer equipment, or changes at your end).

In fact, we are so confident we know what we are doing, we'll even take on problems other ISPs leave behind, and that is why we make this offer.

Give us a month and we'll sort your problem broadband line or your money back. If you are migrating your service to us, even though you know you have a problem with your broadband line, we'll take on the fault. We'll tackle the problem and get it fixed within one month. If we don't then you can migrate away and owe us nothing for your migration to us and your service charges for that month.

We'll even give you visibility of the dialogue we have with BT on the fault tickets we raise (via our control pages) so you can see what is going on.




The graphs show the performance of the line based on an LCP echo (a sort of ping) every second. This purple and red coming down from the top are off-line or packet loss. Before this line had a low sync and lots of loss of sync and packet loss. After a line card was reset in the exchange by BT, the line syncs at a much higher speed and shows no problems.



This second set of graphs show a line that is dropping sync (white gaps). This line was migrated to us as the previous ISP were unable to fix the line. The line actually had multiple faults.
The line would sometimes drop when a phone call was made, but also dropped for longer periods of time. A wiring problem (on the BT side) was fixed by one engineer, and another engineer was required to move the line on to a different port in the exchange. the fault was open for 10 days in all, and has been working well since. (The fault had been on the line for months before migrating over to us)

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Not all problems are this simple, but we know that even getting the problem acknowledged by BT can be an uphill struggle for many ISPs. Working closely with BT faults we are able to get past the initial testing and have the problem fixed properly.

Try before you buy?

If you talk to our support staff they can usually set up one of our monitoring graphs using a ping. This does not give as much detail as our normal monitoring but may help you see the nature of the problem you have.

Does it work?

We have had a lot of people take up this offer, and some of them have been very tricky faults. In a few cases, where BT have had to literally dig up the road, it has taken more than a month. We have not had one person who is unhappy with our fault fixing abilities and asked for a refund yet.

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Is there a catch?

Well, there are a few terms, but we hope you'll agree they are reasonable...

  • Your existing provider may have a minimum term or other conditions that mean migrating to us has some cost to you. This is a matter between you and the existing provider and not covered by this offer. Obviously if they have been unable to rectify a fault in your service you may be able to convince them to waive such charges.
  • You have to let us know of the fault at the start within one week of the migration to us by reporting a fault to us.
  • It does have to be a real fault - just hoping you had slightly more speed on what is essentially an adaptive service is not a fault, sorry. Some faults, such as those caused by interference, can be solved by higher SNR margins making a line stable but slower.
  • DSL requires a working PSTN line, if the PSTN line has a fault then this will need to be resolved first.
  • You have to migrate to us on a normal DSL service (ADSL1 or ADSL2+ or VDSL/FTTC) and tariff (units based or Home::1) using BT back-haul from another normal DSL service using BT back-haul, not LLU or FTTP or otherwise. LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) services don't use BT broadband equipment anyway so will not have the same fault to tackle, they also cost more to migrate to us.
  • If we have not fixed your fault after a month but you do not request a migration within a further month then the service continues on the normal terms.
  • When we fix the fault the service continues on our normal terms.
  • If you cease the service rather than migrating away then the offer does not apply.
  • You have to work with us on this! If you do not allow us a whole month to fix your fault, or you do not co-operate with support staff to diagnose and fix your fault then this offer does not apply.
  • You are billed, and pay for service, normally. If you do take up this offer and migrate after we could not fix your fault, then we will credit (and, if already paid, we will refund) the charges for migrating to us, and the initial bills for the service.
  • The refund/credit does not cover service after one month; any equipment purchases; extra usage top-up or charges; call charges; extra domain charges; or anything but the broadband line and the pre-paid usage tariff you have picked for up to one month. Any equipment loaned to you, or provided for free, has to be returned (at your cost) or paid for at our normal prices.
  • And finally, you do have to actually request the credit as it is not automatic. It should be rare, if ever, that we pay out on this as we have a very good team. Do so within one month of migrating away. We'll arrange the credit within a week of your requesting it and send any refund that is due. Refunds only made by BACS transfer.
  • We may mutually agree with you to extend the period beyond one month to allow more time to fix the fault - this is agreed in writing (e.g. email) and all of the above terms relate to this agreed extension.

We can withdraw this offer at any time, but seriously, we have been doing this for many many years now and not had to pay out even once yet. We know our stuff.