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Broadband prices

Build your own units based tariff

The units based tariff is a pick and mix type tarrif - you may find Home::1 or Office::1 fits your needs.

Units based tariff calculator
Line Type
Time of day Download Usage Units
Daytime (except hols)
(9am-6pm Mon-Fri)
plus evening/weekend/holiday usage
(all other times)
Total units per month -
Suggested tariff (units per month) -
Monthly cost (broadband plus suggested tariff) -

* Price includes a copper pair at £10 pcm, which is optional - you can instead use a phone line from another supplier with the broadband product. Up-front costs vary considerably depending on new/existing products, please see our order/quote page to see exact costs that will apply to you as well as speed forecasts for your site. In some cases the install will be FREE.

We offer a range of tariffs, including packages for home users (Home::1) which allow usage from 200GB per month. You can change tariff any time you want at no cost, taking effect from your next billing month. If you do not use all of your quota in a billing month, half of the unused about is added to the next month as a quota bonus.

From as little as FREE

On our older units based tariffs, for our ADSL services using BT back-haul there is no initial term, just 30 days notice, and the normal install price is £50. If you are migrating from an existing provider (non LLU) to one of our BT back-haul ADSL services then the price is only FREE.

Different ways you can get Broadband Internet from A&A

Broadband services work over a phone line, so you need a phone line for each broadband service. You can pay us for a phone line, per phone line, or pay someone else, e.g. BT, if you prefer. You then pay us per line for broadband on that line. You can buy extra options, like enhanced care, per line. On top of that you pay for usage in terms of number of units you want to buy per month (and any over usage over that). The units usage can be spread over several lines at one site.

Gigabytes per unitsBroadband
Pre usage
base charge
Base service +2 units
9am-6pm Mon-Fri
All other times
BT ADSL50£50£12.20£20
TT ADSL50£50£12.20£20
BT FTTC50£60£22.20£30
BT FTTP50£100£22.20£30

Note there are plans to change the L2TP pricing model soon (2016).

Additional options

Extra ADSL broadband£12.20 pcm£30Extra broadband on same login (ADSL).
Extra VDSL broadband£22.20 pcm12 month termExtra broadband on same login (VDSL).
Extra FTTP broadband£22.20 pcm12 month termExtra broadband on same login (FTTP).
Copper pair£12 pcmFREECopper pair for use with broadband (no telephone service).
Premium£12 pcm£10Premium service
Enhanced care£12 pcm£10Enhanced care
Annex M£12 pcm£10Annex M on BT 21CN ADSL2+ broadband
IPv6FREEFREENo charge for IP version 6 addresses

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