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News 2017 tariff changes

Sep 2017 We are pleased to confirm a number of changes to Home::1 and SoHo::1 tariffs that are being made over the coming weeks.

Unusually we will be updating this page as we go with progress on the updates we are making.

Home::1/SoHo::1 Change Design/Spec Documentation Coding Testing Released
Extra 50GB on sub terabyte quotas ✓ 3rd Sep
Make topup not expire ✓ 6th Sep
Quota Bonus (start month with half previous month's unused quota as a bonus) ✓ 13th Sep
SoHo::1 share/balance quotas over whole account not just each site.
Option for FTTC on one month term. Expected Jan 2018

There are a number of other features in the pipeline which will be added to this list in due course.

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