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Internet Access SoHo::1

SoHo::1 is our small business broadband package. It includes real fixed legacy IPv4 addresses and a block of routed IPv6 addresses. We offer both the slower ADSL services and the faster VDSL (Fibre to the cabinet) services where available. The package is available with a copper pair or you can use with a phone line you buy from another Openreach based provider such as BT.

Prices on this page are VAT exclusive.

Prices including optional £10 per month for a copper pair
per month
per month
150GB £35 £45
250GB £45 £55
350GB £55 £65
2000GB £70 £80

Note that installation prices depend on whether existing phone line and/or broadband is used, or restart existing line, or new install, etc. Install can be FREE in some cases. See order/quote form for details for your specific situation.

Prices where you have a phone line from another provider
per month
per month
150GB £25 £35
250GB £35 £45
350GB £45 £55
2000GB £60 £70

Small business service

The SoHo::1 service is aimed at small business customers but can be purchased for home use (bear in mind prices on this page are VAT exclusive). It is very similar to our Home::1 domestic package. The main differences (apart from VAT invoices) is availability of additional legacy IPv4 address, a 2TB high usage option, and an option to make use of our VIP line monitoring service where our tech support staff will be alerted if your line is down (during office hours).

Minimum term

The minimum term is normally 6 months (12 months for the 2TB VDSL service). Terminating early has a charge depending on how long is left on the term. For ADSL this is £20 pcm and for VDSL this is £30 pcm. (£40 pcm for the 2TB VDSL service). Note that some types of regrade where we are changing carrier can count as termination for the purposes of early termination charges, and you will be advised at the time you order the regrade if this is the case.


The two main types of broadband are ADSL and VDSL. The ADSL service uses a modem link all of the way back to the telephone exchange - this will have a lower speed for the modem sync (0-21Mb/s) depending on the line. VDSL uses a modem link only back to the main street cabinet, and so this is normally a much better service with a higher speed (0-80Mb/s) depending on the line. Which services are available depends on your location, and the terabyte option is not always available. For an estimate of the speed for your location, please use the order/quote form.

Note that a few people can get FTTP (Fibre to the premises) instead of VDSL - if this is available the quote/order form will show details and prices. We do not offer the "FTTP On Demand" product.

Monthly quota

The service is available in two quota bands, the lower levels 150GB/250GB/350GB allow you to change quota at any time with effect from the next month. The higher quota is two terabyte (2,000GB), and you can regrade to this from the lower quota bands for free, where available, but for VDSL this then has a new 12 month term.

On the lower quota bands, if you use too much then you can opt to have the service slow down, or stop, so that there is no further bill. You can also manually top up, or set to automatically top up, charging you £10 for 50GB extra usage. This top up, if not used, runs in to the month after it was purchased.

On the terabyte band, if you use too much your line slows down until the next month. The speed is reduced to around 6Mb/s which is still a very usable Internet service, and the usage comes out of the following month's allowance.

Modem and WiFi

We offer various equipment which you can use with our broadband services. This is all optional and you are welcome to use your own ADSL/VDSL modem and of course your own network equipment and WiFi access points as you wish.

If you order with your SoHo::1 service we can supply a broadband ADSL/VDSL modem with WiFi for £50. We also offer various whole office multiple access point WiFi solutions on the order/quote form.

Bonded lines

It is possible to have multiple SoHo::1 lines on the same login. Each will have a monthly quota and can be regraded independently. The lines can be used to bond uplink and downlink, or can be used as a fall-back arrangement. If a line runs out of quota then there is a balancing process for the quota remaining on the other lines, but this only works between lines in the same quota band (e.g. 150G/250G/350G lines can balance between each other, and 2TB lines can balance between each other) so a mix of quota bands is not normally recommended for bonding.